TGIF Special: Teriyaki Chicken


TGIF  and today is the first week of  my TGIF Special! Every week I’ll be featuring one post of my friends’ signature recipes , so stay tuned  maybe next week it will be your turn ! I Love this recipe, it’s simple, it’s fast to cook and tastes EVEN BETTER than at the local restaurant! Meet...

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Quick and delish omelet with squash, tomato and onion (and with lemon basil, of course).

omelet with squash, tomato and onion main

So this is my favorite Saturday morning breakfast/brunch meal. It’s very fast to cook and you can add pretty much any vegetable you like and it will be gorgeous. For this one I added: 3-4 slices of snow white squash you can use zucchini); ½ of white onion; 4 eggs; ½ tomato; Lemon basil leaves;...

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Simple and fast pie with braised cabbage, eggs, tomato and lemon basil..

fast butternilk pie with cabbage, eggs, tomato and lemon basil 1

This pie was invented some time ago it’s fast and simple to cook, and filling can be pretty much anything: mushrooms, braised cabbage, spinach, eggs and herbs, meat… you name it. For the batter: 1 cup of cultured buttermilk; 1 teaspoon baking soda; 1, 5 cups of self-rising flour; 1 egg; Pinch of salt. Filling:...

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Deep fried beef steak

Deeply fried beef steak 10

Deep fried sirloin beef steak In Ukraine we don’t have steaks, no seriously! Ukrainians just don’t have this dish; we eat braised meat and meatballs. So I had to learn how to cook steak, my own way. For this deep fried steak you have to choose meat correctly, it should have some fat (not a...

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Warm apple salad with chicken breast, tomato and romaine.

warm apple salad with chicken breasts, tomato and romaine

This recipe was adapted from one of the restaurants I loved to have lunch back in Kyiv. It’s really simple, warm in colors and flavors, but mainly fast to cook! Your family will love it and there are different variations of how it can be cooked. You can use chicken breasts, chicken liver and today...

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Cabbage rolls stuffed with beef, pork and rice

cabbage and pork rolls

 This dish is cooked in our country since the times of tsars and Kyiv Rus. It’s delicious and mainly healthy, because the dish is steamed, not fried. The recipe is quite simple but takes some time. For this dish you will need: 1 cabbage (preferably with young, tender leaves) ½ pound of pork ½ pound...

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Fried tortillas with beef

fried tortillas with beef

 This dish was originally cooked only certain regions of Ukraine and Asia. In Ukraine it was cooked by Crimean Tatars. Originally it was cooked for purposes of preserving the meat of a lamb and this was a good food for travelling at a great distances (The meat could be stored longer). This dish was cooked...

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Buckwheat and pork soup

Buckwheat and pork soup is very delicious and healthy. Buckwheat is rich in iron (60–100 ppm), zinc (20–30 ppm) and selenium (20–50 . ppb. Buckwheat have been linked to lowered risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Buckwheat is rich in flavinoids, paticularly rutin, which is antioxidant, strengthens the capillaries.  So this soup is...

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Grilled pork Kabob with potato, red bell pepper and zucchini


Kabobs are very popular in Slavic countries. In summer-autumn, even winter and spring. When me and my family lived in Russian Far East near the Chinese border we were grilling kabobs right in the snow in winter. (It’s very cold in winter in Russian Far East: -40 F (yes minus FORTY Fahrenheit or -40 Celsius)....

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Granny’s homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil

ready homemade pasta with lemon basil

Granny’s homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil   “Real men’s food: Homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil. Inspiring flavor! Normally you don’t add water or melted butter in pasta, but I decided to combine 3 recipes in one and the result was astonishing, even after 5 days since this pasta...

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