Buckwheat and pork soup

Buckwheat and pork soup is very delicious and healthy. Buckwheat is rich in iron (60–100 ppm), zinc (20–30 ppm) and selenium (20–50 . ppb. Buckwheat have been linked to lowered risk of developing high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Buckwheat is rich in flavinoids, paticularly rutin, which is antioxidant, strengthens the capillaries.  So this soup is...

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Grilled pork Kabob with potato, red bell pepper and zucchini


Kabobs are very popular in Slavic countries. In summer-autumn, even winter and spring. When me and my family lived in Russian Far East near the Chinese border we were grilling kabobs right in the snow in winter. (It’s very cold in winter in Russian Far East: -40 F (yes minus FORTY Fahrenheit or -40 Celsius)....

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Granny’s homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil

ready homemade pasta with lemon basil

Granny’s homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil   “Real men’s food: Homemade pasta with fried pork and fresh lemon basil. Inspiring flavor! Normally you don’t add water or melted butter in pasta, but I decided to combine 3 recipes in one and the result was astonishing, even after 5 days since this pasta...

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