Fried tortillas with beef

fried tortillas with beef

 This dish was originally cooked only certain regions of Ukraine and Asia. In Ukraine it was cooked by Crimean Tatars. Originally it was cooked for purposes of preserving the meat of a lamb and this was a good food for travelling at a great distances (The meat could be stored longer). This dish was cooked...

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Bell Peppers stuffed with ground beef and rice

Stuffed bell peppers helens cooking

5-6 mid-sized red bell peppers; 1 lb ground beef (or ground beef/pork 50X50); ½ cup of rice; 2 onions; 1 carrot; 1 tbsp. salt; 1 tbsp. fresh ground pepper; 1 clove garlic; 3 cup of parsley; 2 tbsp. sour cream; 1.       Wash and Boil rice until half cooked (about 15-20 min), rinse well and let...

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