Deep fried beef steak

Deeply fried beef steak 10

Deep fried sirloin beef steak In Ukraine we don’t have steaks, no seriously! Ukrainians just don’t have this dish; we eat braised meat and meatballs. So I had to learn how to cook steak, my own way. For this deep fried steak you have to choose meat correctly, it should have some fat (not a...

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Chicken wings in BBQ sauce with roasted potato.

Helen's Cooking  roasted chicken and potato

I bet you love chicken wings and roasted potato. The recipe is inspired by necessity to cook something fast and easy. Roasted potato is a recipe of my Italian friend and wings’ recipe is borrowed from one diner. It’s literally more efforts to eat than to cook. (Just remember if you want them even more delicious...

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Grilled pork Kabob with potato, red bell pepper and zucchini


Kabobs are very popular in Slavic countries. In summer-autumn, even winter and spring. When me and my family lived in Russian Far East near the Chinese border we were grilling kabobs right in the snow in winter. (It’s very cold in winter in Russian Far East: -40 F (yes minus FORTY Fahrenheit or -40 Celsius)....

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