Pickled eggplants with carrots, garlic and herbs

Pickled eggplants helen's cooking 3

This recipe is cooked by my Grandma for decades. It’s delicious, astonishingly simple and mainly reveals new flavors of eggplant. I couldn’t master this recipe for quite some time. (Well, at first I don’t use as much salt in my recipes as the other cooks do. Salt is important part of this recipe. Second, you...

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Eggplant rolls with tomato,garlic and herbs

eggplant rolls with garlic and tomato

This recipe was cooked by my Grandma and was her signature recipe. It’s very delicious and garlic with herbs adds the amazing flavor to the eggplant. It’s easy to cook, fast and the ingredients may be found practically in every house. For this recipe you’ll need: 1 eggplant 2-3 tomatoes (depending on size of eggplant...

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