TGIF: Chocolate lava cake or Chocolate cake, what to choose?

Chocolate cake via helens cooking-tiltshift

TGIF! And it’s time for my TGIF recipe interpretation. This recipe from “A meandering mango” inspired me for my “Chocolate cake with rum and coconut” These cakes chocolate espresso molten cakes look amazing and the recipe is very simple. There’s only one problem that bothered me: two cakes that come out of this recipe won’t...

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Pizza from scratch in 30 minutes!


Normally when we cook pizza we think it should take an hour, I saw some recipes where cooking pizza took 4 hours. I bet it comes out as a delicous masterpiece, but… guess what… we normally don’t have 4 hours to fix the pizza. It’s good, when we have 30 minutes. That’s why I decided...

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Potato, zucchini, red bell pepper, with bacon and herbs baked in a pot.

Baked veggies helens cooking 3

 I was searching the internet for some time to find if this dish is prepared on North American continent, the closes I got was a recipe from by Jana, but based on name I can say that the author is either from Europe of has roots from European countries. Please help me, if you...

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Chocolate chip cookies, easier than buying:-)

Choco chip cookies helenscooking 3

This chocolate chip cookies recipe was borrowed from website. I have changed the ingredients list a little bit, but the best part of this recipe is that it’s very fast, very simple and may be cooked with your eyes closed. You kids will <3 these cookies, they are” crispy on the edges and chewy inside”,...

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Fast and simple baked chicken with apple and strawberries

apple and chicken helens cooking 4

This is my invention: apples give the chicken sweetness and honey flavor, strawberry adds bit of acidity to this combination. You can have this this dish ready literally in 55 minutes. Preparation takes 15 minutes, cooking about 40 – depending on if you marinated you chicken in advance or just before cooking. 4 servings 4...

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Easy shredded pie with cherries (or jam, or berries, anything)

shredded pie helen's cooking

In loving memory of My Grandmother Maria. This pie was a signature recipe of my Grandmother Maria, today would be her birthday , so I decided to bake this pie for the first time in my life. I ate it hundreds of times, but never thought that this deliciousness is so simple to cook. You...

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Simple and fast pie with braised cabbage, eggs, tomato and lemon basil..

fast butternilk pie with cabbage, eggs, tomato and lemon basil 1

This pie was invented some time ago it’s fast and simple to cook, and filling can be pretty much anything: mushrooms, braised cabbage, spinach, eggs and herbs, meat… you name it. For the batter: 1 cup of cultured buttermilk; 1 teaspoon baking soda; 1, 5 cups of self-rising flour; 1 egg; Pinch of salt. Filling:...

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Chicken with caramelized apple sauce


  I love the combination of apples and chicken, I love it in salads and in main dish, so this is one of my favorite recipes adapted years ago from one newspaper.(Don’t even remember the name) The dish is very flavorful and playful, and is great  to cook for family dinner, as well as the...

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Fast apple and apricot pie. (Vanishes in 30 minutes.Why? Delicious!)

main apple pie fast

Fast apple and apricot pie. This pie disappears in your family members’ mouths as fast, as you cooked it. Preparation of the dough for this pie takes 5-10 minutes, baking: 20 more minutes. Simple, fast and delicious.  The main problem is that in another 30 minutes it may vanish completely out of the plate.:-)) So...

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Baked bread rings stuffed with meat and cheese.

Bread rings

Baked bread rings stuffed with meat and cheese. 9-10 bread rings; Minced meat ½ lbs; Onion ½ units;  Carrot 1 unit; Grated cheese ½ cups; Milk 1 cup; Garlic 1 clove; Salt, Pepper; It is a very simple recipe, usually prepared when you need to prepare something fast, unusual and delicious. This is a recipe...

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