Social Media for the Food Industry

Social Media for the food industry

I was thinking about creating this page  for quite some time : How to make this page Interesting, Useful and dynamic.

There are a lot of blogs about food, even more chefs , who think about creating their blog or Facebook page , but don’t know where to start, as well as there are a lot of restaurants, cafés, producers of famous food trademarks etc. This page is for them:

1)      Social Media and time management. This blog post is about managing your time online. We all spend a lot of time on Facebook, LinkedIn and Foodbuzz etc. Some of us spend decent budgets on advertising on Facebook or Twitter, some of us not, for some of us time spent on social media pays off immediately, some of us struggle for their success for years? So how to manage your social media time successfully and achieve great results? This blog post is addressing these issues. Red the post here



Social Media for the Food Industry

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  1. Hi Helen

    You’ve ask me to send you my signature recipe on my blog. This is one I can share.

    However, my blog is more on the experience I’m sharing with regards to the restaurants I visited and the food I eat.



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Social Media for the Food Industry

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