Ukrainian dumplings or pierogi with mashed potato

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Ukrainian dumplings or pierogi with mashed potato

Ukrainian dumplings are prepared in every region of Ukraine and
even in Russia, Poland, and Belarus etc.

The stuffing of Ukrainian dumplings or pierogi is traditionally:
mashed potato, fried cabbage or tarts and even cream cheese.

I am cooking traditionally dumplings with mashed potato, although
my family loves all kinds of them. It takes time to cook them, BUT: if you cook
them a lot you can freeze some and have a fast dinner lunch (or breakfast) for
your family.

So, to cook approx. 40-45 dumplings you will need:


2/3 cup of water;

2-3 cups of flour;

½ teaspoon of salt;


2-3 potatoes (big) or you need the two-thirds of a soup plate of
mashed potatoes, go figure how much oz. /grams it is;

2-4 oz. of butter;

¼ cup of milk (or water);

1 onion;

1 tablespoon of salt, ½ tablespoons freshly ground pepper

For the ready product:

½ cup of Parsley /dill finely chopped for decoration and aroma

2-4 oz. of butter;

Sour cream;

40-45 mid-sized dumplings aren’t that much. One person can easily
eat 15-20 dumplings, so it’s literally for 2 -3 people to eat once. If you have
4 people just double the ingredients’ amount.

At first cook the potato:

1)      Peel, wash and put to boil.

2)     As soon as cooked (in 20-25
min) drain the water;

3)     Add salt, pepper, butter and
milk (water) and mash the potato;

4)     Fry the onion and add the
golden fried onion (do not burn it) to your mashed potatoes.

5)     Set aside to cool;

Cooking the dough:

1)      Mix water, salt and add step
by step flour. (Stir the mixture with the big spoon when adding the flour, not
the whisk it’s inconvenient and your dough will stick to whisk)

2)     As soon as the mixture
starting turn into dough pour all the flour and start working with it with your
hands or put in the dough/or bread machine/ I prefer working with hands. (try
not to add too much flour, as the stiff dough will make your dumplings heavy )
The dough should be enough soft and elastic, so that you could easily work with
it, but it shouldn’t be too soft and sticky.

3)     Cut the dough in halves or
even in three parts( it depends how much space to work with the dough you have,
how big the dough roller, how convenient for you it will be working with big
piece of dough, if you are working with hands)

4)     Use the dough roller to
create the thin layer of dough (as shown in the pic).

5)     Cut the dough in squares and
put the filling in the squares and fold it, so that a dumpling would shape a
triangle (see the pic), use index finger and thumb to bring the sides together.
(At first do this on one side of a triangle, than repeat on the). So now you
have your first triangle-shaped dumpling :-)

6)     Repeat this with all your
dumplings, until all the dough is used (yeah it takes some time;-)

7)     You can put the ready
dumplings on the paper towel/ plastic cover or on the cutting desk, BUT: don’t forget to add a little flour on the surface , so that it wouldn’t stick.


8) As soon as you are done with forming of all you dumplings,- boil water in 4-8 quart saucepan (depending on
how much dumplings you did prepare). As soon as the water started to boil, add
some salt (1-2 teaspoons will be enough, but that’s up to you) and through your
dumplings in the saucepan. Carefully stir, so that they wouldn’t stick, but
also try not to break the shapes, so be careful and have enough water in a pan
(so that your dumplings could stay on the water surface, not on the bottom of
the saucepan).

9)     Finally, drain the water when                                             
you see the dumplings are cooked (they will be on the surface, try the edge on
one and if the dough is cooked you are done , it’s like cooking pasta)

10)  Drain the water, add butter, cover the
saucepan with the cover and carefully shake the saucepan so that the dumplings
would all get covered with butter. (You can repeat it couple of times, when you
stir the dumplings with the spoon, you can damage them).

11)  Your dumplings are ready! You
can add some herbs for the aroma and decoration. Serve the dumplings with sour
cream or garlic sauce.

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